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The Need To Know

While you don't need to know anything about how to set up and run the printer, you do need to know about the options available. Please look through out this page to see the differences in the options available.


There are different resolutions available to choose from. 3D printing works by laying down layers of plastic. The resolution refers to the layer height of the plastic.We offer three basic resolutions. 160 microns is our finest resolution while 240 microns is the roughest we offer. Take a look at the photos below to see the differences.


What's the most important option? The color of course! Take a look at the colors we currently have available. Please keep in mind that each monitor may display colors differently. Also colors may vary slightly from batch to batch.

We use the Anycubic i3 Mega. This machine is known for its reliability. Day in and day out it does not disappoint. It offers a build area of 210mm x 210mm x 205mm (L, W, H)

What File?

Currently we only accept .stl abd .obj 

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